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Frequently Asked Questions About Flameproofing

What is flameproofing?
It is the process of treating materials so that they will not support combustion.
Is there a difference between flameproofing (flame proofing) and fireproofing (fire proofing)?
These words are often interchanged. However, most states use flameproofing in their correspondence.
What needs to be flameproofed?
The Fire Department, the Building Department, and the Health Department enforce regulations that require all decorations, drapes and curtains, scenery, and other materials used for artistic enhancement inside public buildings to be either non-combustible or flameproofed. These fire retardant regulations apply to all public buildings including Hotels, Theatres, Public Halls, Restaurants, Nightclubs/Bars, Department Stores, and buildings used for public assembly, entertainment, or instruction.
What type of fire retardant/flame retardant can be used?
Most Fire Departments mandate that Certificate of Fitness Holders use only approved fire retardants.
Where is flameproofing done?
On-site flameproofing is often the best procedure because it limits the expense and time of having to remove and reinstall the materials. However, off-site flameproofing is available and is offered at no extra charge.
When is flameproofing done?
Flameproofing can be done at any time. However, it is preferable to apply the fire retardant when there is limited customer traffic.
Why should flameproofing be done?
Flameproofing is mandated by the Fire Department, the Building Department, Health Department, and Insurance Carriers. However, the most important reason is to reduce the threat to life and property in case of fire and to prevent the spread of fire if one occurs.
How is flameproofing done?
The application of fire retardant is done by either coating or soaking the material.
How much does flameproofing cost?
The cost of flameproofing depends on the amount and type of material, the fire retardant required, and the accessibility of the material.
Who can certify the flameproofing process?
Only a Certificate of Fitness Holder for Flameproofing can certify the flameproofing process. Only their flameproofing affidavit stating both their Flameproofing Certificate of Fitness number and the approved fire retardant used will suffice in meeting the standards set forth.
What is the length of time a flameproofing affidavit is good for?
According to Fire Department regulations, an affidavit is good for one year from the date of application. However, the washing or dry cleaning of the materials will void the certification.
How soon can a flameproofing violation be cleared up?
Massachusetts Flameproofing is able to apply fire retardant and issue a flameproofing affidavit within 24 hours of initial contact.
What is the best way a business owner should choose a flameproofing company?
First and foremost, the flameproofing company must hold a Certificate of Fitness for Flameproofing. A company should be fully insured with both liability insurance and Workers' Compensation coverage. The company should use only Fire Department mandated fire retardants. The flameproofing company should be willing to guarantee their work and be willing to work according to your schedule, not theirs. Massachusetts Flameproofing meets all these criteria.
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